Escrow Service


You should only use, LUXETON’S approved escrow service.
If your trading partner refuses to use,

Don’t click links in any emails that claim to be from,
or any escrow service, because they could be fraudulent. Instead,
type into the address bar of your web browser and
proceed from there.

If you’re a seller, be cautious about buyers claiming to have paid
for an item through an escrow service other than

Look at the listing to see the seller’s policy about escrow.
If it’s not clear, contact the seller.


The escrow process

1. Both parties (buyer and seller) agree to use
2. The buyer sends payment to rather than directly
to the seller.
3. tracks the shipment of the item.
4. The buyer inspects the item and lets know whether
they accept it or not.
5. If the item is accepted (or the inspection period runs out),
the funds are paid to the seller by check.
6. If the item is not accepted, the buyer must return the item
to the seller. In this case, the buyer is required to pay the
return shipping fee and the escrow fee. This rule minimizes
casual returns. Payment, minus the escrow fees, is then returned
to the buyer.